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About Us

Investing in communities

ExpectChange is a 501(c)(3) public charity which relies on the gracious support of individuals and corporate partners. Through donations ExpectChange fulfills its mission.

Through recruiting efforts, organizing and sponsoring of additional care services/benefits and volunteers or volunteer programs ExpectChange bridges the gap for individuals and families.

Whether it’s for those that might not have the necessary funds or need additional care, ExpectChange bridges that gap. We help facilitate the service or provide the resource. We improve community awareness and involvement while improving the lives of individuals and their families with a more comprehensive or holistic approach to their care. Altogether ExpectChange provides the added incentive and additional resources for ultimately providing better care to individuals and their families.

This strengthens the local healthcare system making it better and more accessible to all the citizens of the community.

Community Resource Centers

We have found that it’s more efficient use of our resources if we simply partner with existing organizations that are already doing a good job. This is especially true in building and maintaining volunteers and volunteer programs. Local groups have “local knowledge”.

Future Growth Areas

ExpectChange is keenly aware of the problems faced by individuals in need of healthcare in rural areas. The access to quality healthcare or healthcare at all is becoming a very real problem in the rural areas of Alabama and the Southeast. With our corporate partners and individual donors we sponsor scholarships for young people wanting to enter the healthcare field after college. Our ultimate goal is to sponsor and help support the decision makers of tomorrow for our rural healthcare providers.

ExpectChange helps individuals improve their personal condition by learning how to work in the healthcare field or move up within the industry.

Finally, by supporting local groups and organizations ExpectChange can facilitate local programs and volunteers that serve in all these areas to accomplish our ultimate goal or mission of supporting the healthcare industry and assisting those in need.


We appreciate your support! Donate to ExpectChange and help us make a difference.

If you'd like to learn more about how your donation furthers are mission, visit our donation page.