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 Our Mission

The mission of ExpectChange is to align the resources of a community to provide services in an effort to assist those in need.

ExpectChange provides a solution for companies looking to give back to their communities while having a positive and noticeable impact on citizens and employees alike.

ExpectChange is an engaging resource that lends knowledge needed to answer healthcare concerns.

The Aging Crisis in America: A Clear and Present Danger

  • Federal and State governments have waited too late to act – they will not catch up in time
  • The massive numbers of rapidly aging Boomers in need of imminent or immediate 24/7 care already exceeds the State and Federal funding available
  • Nursing homes and other institutions are far too expensive an option and have far too few beds and workers today . . . with fewer services available in the future
  • More importantly, people don’t WANT to be institutionalized – they have little choice . . .

Who are these aging Americans anyway?

If you were 20 when the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan – you would be 68 years old now.

As these Baby Boomers begin encountering old age, the nation will face a widening ‘care gap’ that experts fear will compromise the quality of home care and force people into nursing homes.

The 65-and-older population will double in the next 25 years and the numbers are growing rapidly.

We face an overwhelming tide of aging people who will require 24/7 healthcare in the future.


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