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Alzheimer’s Early Detection

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Expect-Change works with community and religious organizations to bring the latest technology to benefit individuals and their families of those with high risk of Alzheimer’s with an Early Detection Program. Early Detection equals Better Outcomes. Pre-Clinical (Alzheimer's) Diagnosis = Optimum Outcomes (PCD=OO)

Alzheimer's disease is a tragic diagnosis for so many individuals, which creates a sense of hopelessness for both patients and their families. It is an expensive diagnosis that drains resources and stresses caregivers to the limit.

Early detection offers the most hope to stop or slow the progression to full blown Alzheimer's disease. Objective screening is now available for the initial brain changes which occur before the mental impairments of Alzheimer's develop. Identifying these changes allows treatments that can potentially be effective in preventing or slowing the development of full blown Alzheimer's.

Increasing awareness of the benefits of early detection of Alzheimer’s and the use of the early detection tool are integral to the program. Effectiveness of this is measured by the number of individuals and families we impact.

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