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Autism Early Detection

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Expect-Change is collaborating with several Autism Treatment Centers (ATC) to bring the latest technology to benefit Autistic children and their families with an Early Detection, Early Treatment Program. Early Detection equals Better Outcomes. Pediatric Early Detection = Improved Outcomes for Autism (PED=IO). This is not research is implementing existing science and providing funding to improve the early detection tools. The goal for our partnership is to fund the program and to support the children with behavioral concerns along with their families with available resources now and in the future.

Expect-Change and ATC’s will collaborate by building on the case management and screening work of the ATC by providing confirming ability in the early diagnosis leading to early treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) along with funding for the confirming process and related work.

Increasing awareness of Autism and its early detection tool is integral to the program. Effectiveness of this is measured by the number of children and families we impact.

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