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Community Support

Give to make a difference

Expect-Change has identified and begun to work with the resources needed to serve communities throughout the State of Alabama. We have the programs in place to teach life skills, touching lives and providing better outcomes. We do this by impactfully leveraging these resource.

Leverage community resources by:

  • Identify ones that exist and enable them to improve their effectiveness by (examples)
  • Facilitate the resources together but
  • Provide a ramp and support for communities throughout Alabama to bridge the gap
  • Provide branding as part of ExpectCare family which identifies them as a quality resource.

Leverage community resources to:

  • Assist individuals and families for self-sufficiency
  • Our campaign eldercare elements of education
  • Provide volunteers to support community actives and elder care
  • Seek out those individuals who are at a disadvantage, and then we support the efforts to help educate and apply resources for support.

Effectiveness will be measured by volunteer hours provided, number of community originations Expect Change impacts and the number of people impacted by Expect Changes support.

Help support Community Support by donating to ExpectChange.