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Corporate Care

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Corporations and organizations with significant number of employees are increasing being faced with their employees needing time and resources to deal with their elderly family members and extended family. This often resulting in significant time away from the job or substantial impact on their job performance. ExpectChange partners with corporate resources to provide assistance for:

  • Health/Family : help guide employees with answers so they can continue to feel the security in order to perform their jobs.
  • Jobs : retrain those who no longer have a job and then assist them in their job search.
  • Vault : ExpectCare Vault product is a secure way to store, transmit health care and personal documents with complete confidence. It is both FDIC and HIPAA approved and ExpectCare had the exclusive rights of the Vault in the health care industry. Each employee of companies that participate in Corporate Care will be provided their own vault in which they may place documents such as health records, wills, passport copies etc.

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