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Senior Housing

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ExpectChange provides support for individuals and families are some services especially with skilled nursing facility requirements. This program seeks to:

  • Make Skilled Nursing Facilities accessible to more people
  • Provide support for individuals and families that cannot afford the needed programs and services which are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance

Over the past few years, many seniors in Alabama have moved from nursing homes into Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) because of the uncertainty in the healthcare market place and Medicaid reimbursements. They want to make the choice on their own terms while there are vacancies in ALFs they like. However the greatest need is for Skilled Nursing Facilities (Scalf) services. It is widely recognize that there is a big need now and a tsunami of patients are coming with little funding being available. The current need for Scalf beds and the tsunami are primarily due to three reasons: some if the age groups that have gone into the ALFs now are getting 5 – 10 years older and have to go somewhere to get higher level of care but are not ready for nursing homes, Scalf bed demand is greater than the supply, and existing regulations are pushing people into Scalfs.

Effectiveness of this program will be measured by: the number of families and people we are able to assist.

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